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Google Search Location Setting Gone

Google recently removed the loaction setting option under Search Tools when doing a Google search. Aside from using the Ad Preview tool in an Adwords account, how are other Local SEO services coping with this change when you are doing local SEO for clients not in the area where you are testing results from? Is the near parameter reliable?
Re: Google Search Location Setting Gone

We've been discussing in a couple threads since 1st of November, so merged your thread into the main one. You'll see lots of other solutions here.

People tend to like isearchfrom the best from what I hear.
Re: Google Search Location Setting Gone

Hi Linda and the community!

Upfront disclamer: I'm founder of Rank Tracker, and I'd like to share a Rank Tracker update, which is directly related to the discussion in this thread.

Rank Tracker can now check local rankings based on the exact GPS location.

Last month, when Google removed local search settings, like all the other rank checking software providers, we were confronted with the need to find an alternative solution to check local rankings.

The technology that has been introduced to Rank Tracker is different from what other solution providers are offering.

It is based on passing the exact GPS coordinates of one's custom location (its latitude and longitude) with each keyword query.

Basically, we've found a way to automate Chrome's "location emulation" mode and send the exact GPS coordinates of a particular location with each Google query.

This solves the two main problems that other tools currently have.

First, we search for results in the exact city, and not "near" it (as it happens when you use the "near" URL parameter.)

Second, we can check rankings for any city and town you see on Google Maps – not for the limited number of locations that I Search From, Moz toolbar, and other tools based on uule get-parameter allow.

Details on the new features are available in this explanatory article.

Folks, I'd be extremely grateful if you take a moment to test the feature and share your thoughts and comments.

Rank Tracker is a desktop tool, so it needs to be installed to your computer. The feature can be checked with the free version, but in case you need a fully-functional version for a more thorough review, please PM me. Thanks!
Re: Google Search Location Setting Gone

I'm noticing that the location emulation in Google Chrome is no longer working? Are others seeing the same thing? It stopped working late last week over here.

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