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Dec 16, 2018
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Hello friends, I'm a digital advertiser by background who has wound up skilling up rapidly in the local SEO space.
I've gotten loaded up with a bunch of Local Viking credits, and the results I'm getting from maps have rased a couple of issues.
1. Local Viking support have convinced me these geotrackers actually don't work for tracking "near me" searches. Like everyone else the "near me" search is really the motherlode high volume search term for this client. Wat on earth are others doing to in any way effectively monitor performance against "near me" searches?

2. Getting VASTLY different results for terms that really ought to be treated interchangably by google. Vets, vet, veterinarian, and veterinarians all produce wildly different results, some of which we are dominating, one of which we are down at number 2 even at the clinic location itself. What on earth would people recommend to combat this? It doesn't intuitively seem like an on-site keyword strategy is going to work because these really are intercangeable terms, and they are all over the website of course currently. Would I be recommended to take a religious-ruthless appriach to hitting up EXACTLY the underperforming keyword all over the GMB listing as a first-best approach?

I really do appreciate any feedback/assistance anyone can render, thanks friends!
I use Places Scout for geotracking on a grid and they take screenshots. I can tell via the screenshots if Google got my location right or not by checking at the bottom of the SERP (it lists the location) and looking to see where they put the blue dot. This is an example from one I ran yesterday and it appears to be working correctly:

I'll ask a couple others to chime in on that though.

Have you already tried using both terms onsite? We sometimes see this with lawyer/attorney and normally onsite is the way to go.
When you say Local Viking convinced you 'near me' searches don't get tracked properly, what evidence did they provide?

It's possible that it's their system that's faulty and that it does not apply to every grid tracker. If they are doing it right they should get results that mimic a real browser.

I know that adding 'near me' does change results of a search. I'll run some tests in n=any case.

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