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Jun 28, 2012
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It's Coming... It's FREE... WAIT FOR IT!
Knowledge is Power!​

Have you noticed the new banner at the top of the forum?

Thought we'd play a little guessing game...

1st one more little teaser/hint... :p

Local Search Industry Leaders Unite - YOU WIN!

So what do you think is coming???

Who do you think will be involved???
LOL David! :p

Jon quessed a who...

Anyone else want to guess a who or a what???
Hmmm, intriguing. Have figured out the who part (thanks to Jon) and can't wait to hear about the what!
"Industry Leaders Unite"

There are multiple whos and I never said Jon's who was the right who did I? ;)

Thanks for playing Jon and Nick, who else has a guess?
It's getting just a little warmer in this room. ;) But not hot yet! :p
oooo, I wanna know...! Can't you just tell us!?!?
Patience grasshopper... ;) Almost ready to announce!

It's pretty big and VERY exciting and just what the industry needs!

(I know, I'm such a big tease!) :p
Well I hope so on that, but that's David's project and he's not contacted us yet, so I'm not sure if/when it's coming out.

But quite a few of the same people will be playing a part in this... :)

Thanks for playing with me Luke!
Is there some kind of conference where all forums members get free invitations ? :D
It's getting pretty hot in here... Good guess sergiuliano!

Partly right, free for forum members. But it's WAY better than a conference.

So close, but no cigar! :eek:

Hint - NO travel required! :p

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