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Apr 10, 2013
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I am having an issue with a new client's previous listings. They have created two, one for their main building and one for their repair shop. The repair shop is located inside of the main building, but has it's own separate address. (Not a suite number) The issue with the repair shop is that the address is not listed on their website and it is seldom found on the rest of the internet. When it is listed on the internet, it still has the same name as the main store.

We were hired on to manage only the main building's listing, but noticed in their Google Plus Local account dashboard that their repair shop listing is under review. The client has given us permission to only 'fix' their repair shop listing. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this situation. I'm not sure if we should just leave the listing in review, or if someone had some previous experience with this type of situation and knows a quick fix. We're trying to keep the account from getting suspended.

Off the top of my head (which is still slow and jet lagged, so might want to wait for a 2nd opinion) here are my thoughts.

You didn't mention if the phone is the same, but if it is they are DEF not allowed to have both listings. PLUS there is an extremely high risk of merging.

But even if #s are different - to me this still sounds like there should only be one listing and I'm sure that's why the one is pending review and it will likely get whacked.

If it were me I'd delete the service listing out of the dashboard immediately to eliminate risk for the store listing. If there is a live listing or enough citations for the service business, then it will still stay live on maps - it just will be a bare unclaimed listing. Then they'll still have the exposure without compromising the main listing.
The client has a separate phone number for the repair shop. They aren't going to let us delete out the listing, so I wasn't entirely sure where to go from there.

Would it be better to reclaim the main building's listing in another account and then cancel it out of the original dashboard? Then at least they both wouldn't go down if the repair shop listing gets rejected.
They won't let you delete it? Did you tell them it would still be live on maps?

Starting over with the main listing could be a big deal. They could lose reviews and they could start over in ranking and not rank for weeks. Images could go dark and take 6 weeks to show.

If anything I'd start over with the service listing and put it in another account.
Hi Brianna,

I second what Linda said. Based on what I know, the repair-shop listing will have to go. Unless it's legally a separate business, Google doesn't see it as kosher - and then there's the possibility of merged listings, which Linda also mentioned.

When you say "They aren't going to let us delete out the listing," to whom does the "they" refer: to your clients or to Google?
Gotcha. Yeah, from what I know so far, it's either (1) delete the listing voluntarily or (2) wait for Google to do it, with the possibility that Google will mess up something along the way and make life harder for your client.

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