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Jul 17, 2013
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After the pigeon and panda updates my listing absolutly tanked. Both organically and local listings were no where to be found. the pigeon update shortened the 7 pack to 3 and left me out. Then the panda update hit and pushed me organically to page 3 because of back links associated with forums I participate in.

this week both have recovered to a higher position than pre p's. Just a heads up that you should check some listings that may have been affected, they may have returned.

things I did for recovery, were disavow, and cleaning up some content on my website.

hopefully some of your guys listing have recovered as nicely.
Just a quick question, what made you think Panda pushed you to page 3 due to forum backlinks?
Just a quick question, what made you think Panda pushed you to page 3 due to forum backlinks?

Thanks Steve, I wondered about that too. Forum backlinks that are not no-followed, especially from a spam filled forum CAN cause a problem, but I think it would be Penguin not Panda, right?
I would assume since we're talking about links the OP meant penguin, but the true clarification would be the dates of the ranking drop. Quick tip on how to do this - Check Moz's algorithm change history and then make annotations on your Google analytics account. Make sure you filter by ORGANIC traffic only to check for the drop in traffic.
Sorry for the late replies. Yes it is penguin, I am sorry I did get those confused. I had other garbage links besides forum posts that were disavowed.

One of the main reasons I responded was that usually it takes much longer after being penalized to recover. If any of the guru's want to study my situation to learn from it, I would be happy to share in private the steps that happened before and after the penalty and recovery.

This board has been a wonderful resource for my local seo and I appreciate it greatly. I would share more in public but I would hate to have snoopers for my industry get a roadmap of what I do.

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