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Oct 15, 2012
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Here is a very interesting analysis on non-provided keywords issue. Avinash has also some suggestions about how to build an analysis on it, which will be nice to follow-up with other members of the forum:

I wonder if someone can create a tool that will crawl our site and tell us what the personality of each page represents. Some of this is manifested today as keyword density analysis (which is value-deficient, especially because search engines got over "density" nine hundred years ago). By personality, I mean what does the page stand for, what is the adjacent cluster of meaning that is around the page's purpose? Based on the words used, what attitude does the page reflect, and based on how others are talking about this page, what other meaning is being implied on a page?
full article: Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, The Future
My friends at Get Found First have been doing some interesting keyword intent mapping experiments. However they haven't published any of their findings yet. If you ever need PPC they have done me some huge help.

Be sides that I don't have a tool but here are 7 things I plan on using:

  1. Tracking rankings
  2. Web master tools
  3. Next best tool might still be Google AdWords dimensions > paid vs organic but I have yet to confirm this is still working but I bet it will because it just syncs Webmaster Tools and AdWords
  4. Impressions from bidding on our brand and general keywords
  5. Download ad planner month over month downloads
  6. Ubbersuggest & Google suggest
  7. Internal search on your website
Very important on the strategy you've mentioned before in order to get accurate estimations is to use local insights as the local number of monthly searches and the local rankings of the website in Google
There's just no replacement for what is lost here. You can narrow down the topic of a particular page to an expert degree but, in the end, you do not know why the visitor landed on that page. Is it because they entered a query that has something to do with your page? Or is Google in the middle of a flux period again?

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