Aly Kurtz

Dec 11, 2018
We have a roofing contractor client who has a "services" tab populating on mobile with a list of services (not all services they offer), populated under the section name "popular", and no descriptions. Within the GMB dashboard we don't have the option to add or edit these services so we don't know where they are coming from. I've tried to add a primary category to their listing that will populate the option to add services, just so I can see if I can edit them once the option is populated, but it isn't working. Any thoughts on where these could be pulling in from or how I could get access to edit them?

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Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Top Poster Of Month
Jul 26, 2012
@Aly Kurtz, yeah, that SinglePlatform menu is a PITA. You might also want to contact SinglePlatform with the same request: Contact Us — SinglePlatform

Had you filled out the "Services" field (if available) in GMB for your client? I'd be surprised if the SinglePlatform menu supplanted that.

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