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Jun 28, 2012
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Want to share one of my very fav SEO bloggers - Michael Martinez.

I doubt many of you read him, he isn't well known in most circles and doesn't focus on local. But he DOES focus on the more technical side of SEO and goes DEEP on the business of doing SEO. He writes about heavy, thought provoking stuff. Below is a sample. You should check out more of his work.

<a href="">Latest Trends in SEO Time and Money-wasting Practices</a>

The snowball rolled downhill for about 9 years before becoming large enough that it forced Google to do something about the hill. Unfortunately, Google’s knee-jerk reaction to the SEO community’s knee-jerk reaction to misinformation about how the Google algorithms work has led to another SEO community knee-jerk reaction. It’s like watching a bad martial arts movie in slow motion, not because we’re all fans of “The Matrix” but because it still takes so long to play out these inefficient scenarios.

The Long Preamble Starts Here If You Want To Skip It

The Problem: SEOs need to talk about something with frustrated clients. Up until a few months ago you could always complain that your client’s competitors were winning on the basis of links (which is technically not true — no one has ever been able to “win” on the basis of links because the game has never been defined). Imaginary winning aside, it’s the perception that the other guy is doing something “better” that leaves people frustrated and angry. I have often said that if you don’t know how much money the other guy is making you have no reason to complain about how much he is beating the crap out of you in the SERPs. And if he is your affiliate then you KNOW how much money he is making and unless you’re insane he is making less money than you. So who is winning in the SERPs again?
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