Jul 22, 2015
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Looking for advice, putting together a blog that discusses topics in link building. I would like to recommend a company that provides link building and other SEO services. I work full-time so can not take on any more work but want to be able to refer someone in case I get any inquiries. My goal is to create some passive income while developing a lead source for an agency. I want to make sure anyone I endorse will be an established U.S. based company. Is affiliate marketing the way to go?


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Sep 12, 2012
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Working out an affiliate marketing deal with an SEO company might be difficult in the details. How much you get paid, how you track it, etc. because you will probably have to custom create that vs affiliate market places which handle all of that already. But it can be done.

If you really don't want to convert the traffic yourself, you could sell spots on the article where you track the clicks to their websites and charge them per click I suppose. That may be the easiest way.
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