Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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What were the biggest changes to Local SEO in 2012? What do experts predict is coming for Google+ Local in 2013? What's the best advice for the coming year? And let's throw in some crackpot predictions too!

I was recently interviewed by Myles from BrightLocal, along with thought leaders Mike Blumenthal,
Mike Ramsey and Laura Betterly. Read the link below to discover our answers to the questions below.

Looking back?what has been the biggest change in local search in 2012?

What do you predict to be the biggest change for ?local? in 2013?

What is your biggest concern for how ?local? will develop in 2013?

What will be the biggest change(s) to local SEO ranking factors in 2013?

What changes do you predict for Google+ Local in 2013?

What are the 3 pieces of advice you would give to local business owners for 2013?

What?s your most ?crackpot? prediction for ?local? in 2013?

Predictions for Local SEO in 2013 - biggest changes, developments and crackpot predictations | BrightLocal

2012 has been (another) year of significant change for all of us involved in ?Local? and 2013 is set to be just as busy. But what will 2013 bring, and how should we prepare ourselves & our customers to capitalize on the developments which will shape the next 12 months?

We called upon 4 extremely knowledgeable & experienced SEOs and industry watchers to share their wisdom and predictions for ?Local? in 2013

Head over to read it all. There is some important advice and some great predictions!
I'll share my crackpot prediction here...

Q What?s your most ?crackpot? prediction for ?local? in 2013?

Linda's A "Google will hire Mike Blumenthal to lead the Google+ Local team."

Now I know it AIN'T going to happen, so that was truly a crackpot prediction, but we can dream, right?

So what about you?
Any advice or comments to add?

Any crackpot predictions?

Pankaj Kumar

Jul 26, 2012
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GOOGLE WILL START LISTENING BUSINESS OWNERS WITH CUSTOMERS. And absolutely putting people to fix the issues at the earliest before business owners move to another search engine. :rolleyes:

Pankaj Kumar
Sep 5, 2012
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  • Google will announce integration of G+L with Google Glass and Daemon-like review scores will assist people in deciding on going into a particular establishment. :cool:
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