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Mar 8, 2013
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When I do a search on my Android device for a business using Firefox and try to navigate to their listing, it seems to never actually bring the listing up. You know how you'll see the tabs for "Serrvices" "Products" etc. when you are viewing the listing on Chrome? I can't find a way to access that view on FF. I've never paid much attention, so I don't know if this is recent, but it seems like on Firefox (the main browser I use on my phone) I was always able to see the various tabs (see the attached screen capture, the tabs in the red box), although I couldn't open the listing unless I was searching on maps (which is another issue, when I search and see a listing on FF I can't tap on it to open it; tapping does nothing unless I switch to maps).

I can understand minor differences in rendering but it seems as though this is a major limitation in FF and makes it so that a big part of a listing that can be accessed on Chrome can't be on FF. Am I overlooking something? Any others observing the same? (please forgive me if I've overlooked a thread on this; I did try for some time to find one).

comparing ff and chrome on Android.png
I wouldn't worry about it too much. I honestly didn't even know Firefox was usable on mobile devices but it looks like the vast majority of mobile users are using either Chrome or Safari so the number of users that you'd potentially not be showing this information to would be very small (0-2%).

Thanks for the observation, Joy. I agree with you about it having a minor impact. As usual I'm in a tiny minority swimming the wrong way. I only use FF on my mobile, but that's just me :-`

Still, it's odd that the browsers would behave differently in that respect. I was dealing with it while preparing a new GMB training, and I always like to be as ready as I can for weird off-the-wall questions (like the ones I have).
You can send it to Google here but honestly based on what they have going on right now, I don't see it being made a priority.

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