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Feb 9, 2018
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On a service area business website, when there are 10 to 15 town-based landing pages, is it best to link to those landing pages on one service area page? Or is it better to have a link to all of the landing pages in the sidebar or footer of every page on the website?
If it is a single location website, and 10-15 nearby towns,'s okay to link to them at the footer, or sidebar, etc..

From those town based pages, do link other town pages and main city page too. As a closed circle, this should help rank every page of those towns with low competition.

And also in the schema markup, do add those towns list as the area served. That should help you a lot more.
Yes, the website for for a single location SAB that serves 13 small towns surrounding it, each of those towns has it's own unique landing page on the website. The landing pages have links back to the homepage as well as some of the service/product pages.

Currently those landing pages are linked on the Service Area page only.

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