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Jun 28, 2012
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Can you spell L o c a l   D o m i n a t i o n?

Came across a search result I wanted to share for a couple reasons.

1) This Dentist dominates page one with 4 listings for a competitive search term.

2) Dying to know how much he pays for SEO and who does it.

3) Not sure I've ever seen Facebook pages rank high for a competitive term, have you?

Search = Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist


I've played in this space and have an ex-client that's still ranking high, so I know how very competitive this particular market is.

He also has a ton of niche and city domains like,,, and who knows how many others.

How much do you think he's paying for Internet marketing and SEO per month for these and probably other niche sites?

I think I just discovered that at least part of his marketing is done by and their tag line is "Dominate the Internet". If so, they seem to be doing just that for Dr. Sands.

Have you ever seen a Facebook page rank high like that? I'm so focused on "the pack" and local business organics that I sometimes skim over all the directory and other listings, so maybe it happens often and I've just never noticed??? But if this is a change and Google is starting to rank FB high, may payoff to analyze what he's doing and try to rank your client's FB pages as well.

Again, if any of this was happening for a less competitive search term, would not be as big of a deal. But this is a dog eat dog competitive market, so I'd study some of the SEO that's helping him rank and try to reverse engineer it.

FYI I'm not saying you should necessarily try to dominate and get 4 listings like this. Just suggesting that if he's this good, merits studying some of his sites to see why he's ranking high and see if you notice any ethical tricks that may help your clients.

What say ye???

I also have a client with a high ranking Facebook page that I set up for them. Did no backlinking to it or anything. I just link to it from the client website. It's definitely not as competitive as Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, but still a decent amount of search volume, and it ranks quite well.
My Facebook page ranks high - even above the local pack - for several keywords in my home town too but again it's not so competitive.

I always advise clients to use SEO principles when they fill out the titles, descriptions and urls of their social media profiles. The authority of these platforms really can help you to dominate your local market place for less competitive terms.

I would not have expected to see a FB page in that position for any term relating to dentists though!

Great spot Linda and definitely something to try to reverse engineer.

He does have 6600 likes although only 155 people talking about this and 137 check ins so those percentages are not that high in terms of engagement.
Much to my chagrin, I have had FB pages outrank actual websites at times.

Beyond thin content on the main website, I am still trying to figure out what drives the ranking of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages beyond the fact that those sorts of profiles are some of the few outbound links that most websites setup almost without thinking at times.
Daniel, if users have put the keywords into the title of the page/profile, the url and the bio/about/description, those sites have amazing authority which pushes those pages above any newish website with thin content.

If I Google my name or certain less competitive keywords in my home town, I can get 9 out of 10 of the available listings on the SERPs with my social media profiles.

Even if they're not going to use social media properly, I always advise clients to set up the profiles using their keywords.

On Google.

Here in the UK, Bing will only ever give me my website - it does not appear to rank social media profiles at all. Whether that will change once we get Facebook Search Graph with the Bing involvement here in the UK, who knows.

Not that I'm bitter that we haven't got the new Facebook OR the new Google Places for Business Dashboard or anything... :p
He's doing more linkbuilding on his Facebook page than most of the competition does to their main site.

33 referring domains
2,123 links total

Probably paying quite a bit or has an unreal internal marketer.
Is it worth launching several facebook pages for keywords?


OMG!:eek: it's total SERP/keyword ranking domination, the list goes on.

I assume several firms are handling their online marketing campaigns.
Few sites have similar content and few sites are interlinking (footer section). They rank for almost every possible keywords related to their services
Sounds like they just set up a site network. Must be a more lucrative than normal business for SEO to go to all that trouble.

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