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May 4, 2014
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I have a new client and he is a personal injury lawyer. I am new to the lawyer niche so I am curious as to how would I get his website backlinks other than sponsoring local events.

The reason I am stumped is because he doesn't really offer a service like a painter or chiropractor would. So he can't really offer his services to a certain area and in return get a backlink.

Has anybody else run into this problem?

Take a look at the backlink profiles for the top ranking PI attorney's in the area. That will give you a good understanding of what is working for them.

Some audits reveal great link building strategies. I don't specialize with PI attorneys, but you typically see a lot of scholarship links from major .edu colleges. They also sponsor college alumni events that cost in the 10s of thousands of dollars a go.

Whatever way you decide to go, make sure that your link profile is diverse and not hellbent on one strategy.
Excellent point about being diverse with your back link profile. Super important in the Penguin world we live in. Like Blake also said, the best way to get an idea is to examine a few link profiles of the higher, well ranking sites.

It's important not to duplicate every link in the profile though. Sniff out a few good sources for links and find variations of those good sources.

For attorneys, I would focus on content centered around local laws and explanations of those laws for regular people to understand. Lord knows that laws are written to confuse the hell out of gen pop folk lol
Check out the curated lawyer directories that are out there. THe links may not be local, but they are certainly valuable. A lot of those sites are pay to play, but if they are reputable it's worth the investment.

Links from local events, scholarships, non-profits and local publications can all be good places to start. No way around doing what Wil Reynolds calls RCS (Real Company Sh!t), get the firm/ attorney active in the community, sponsor and attend events, join local chamber of commerce's etc., and remember to be cognizant of acquiring links from local businesses you partner with.

the PI space can be super competitive, but when you get it right, it can be incredibly lucrative... good luck!
A few good ways to get a link if you're a lawyer:

-BBB accreditation. Yes, it's a shakedown. But you get a good link.

-The paid directory.

-Some established, credible lawyer directories - like Justia and - give you "follow" links. I believe Martindale does, too, if you join their paid directory.

-My "sponsors-needed" technique.

-Sponsor a 5K. Example: Shrewsbury Street 5K. You can find local road races here:

Just to name a few :)

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