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May 20, 2024
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One of our clients has seen large map pack volatility since March 2024 for a couple of key terms. The attached is one example.

I've checked key things around GMB, filtering etc and can't see anything massively wrong.

I've noticed a few new competitors - in particuarl SAB listings which have started taking some top 3 positions but these look a bit dodgy imo.

Anyone got any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 17.09.16.jpg
Are you noticing this fluctuation with other listings you manage, or just this one?

I would check the website next to see if that has seen any major organic ranking fluctuations with the page you are linking to, or other core pages. Also check that the website link on the GBP still works and there are no errors with the page (301 or 404).

Then, check to see if Google made any updates to the listing, like a category, website, or name update.

If all that checks out, look into these new SABs that are ranking. Are they spammy? If so, report them via the redressal form and see if Google will remove them.

Finally, look at some of your legit competitors and see if they have also experienced ranking fluctuations; in which case it might not just be your listing but maybe a larger map change like Google changing the borders of the city you're targeting and now you're outside the borders.
Thanks Elizabeth.

Only noticed fluctuations with this one client. Interestingly they are actually performing really well organically for the same terms.

Good note to check the competitors for fluctuations.

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