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Dec 7, 2015
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Hi there, hope someone can help me!

I wondered if anyone knows of a decent platform for measuring the rank of given keyphrases in many geographic areas.

For example, let's say "Hairdressers" was the keyphrase and we have 50 branches in different locations, anyone have a platform that can, with a decent UX, report on the rank in each of the locations?

To add another layer of complexity, how about "Hairdressers in <location>" etc (x50)

It's a tricky thing to visualise, but it's doable, but I can't find a vendor/platform that does this well.

I'm in the UK BTW!

Brightlocal, Whitespark, SERPwoo, Moz, aHrefs....

There are tons of tools that can help with rank tracking in various locations. All depends how much you want to spend on software and how you want to handle campaign management.
Hi BaggySEO,

Myles here, I'm the founder of BrightLocal.

I wanted to share a quick video walkthrough of our multi location ranking reports which I think could help you out here.

Link to video --> How to Analyze Your Multi Location Ranking Reports BrightLocal

These reports enable you to track search term group performance across multiple locations and identify underperforming branches. From this Multi Location view you can then drill down into specific locations at a more granular level.

Here's a link to a video walkthrough of our individual location ranking reports How To Analyze Your Ranking Report BrightLocal.

I'm in the UK too, so let me know if you want to jump on a quick demo.


My firm has been using the BrightLocal reporting tools for this for several years now. We are very satisfied with them and use them for our client reporting.
Hey BaggySEO,

My name is Lamar, the Founder of Organic Clicks, LLC a local SEO company based out of Charlotte, NC.

A lot of the keyword rank tracking tools mentioned are very good, such as; Bright Local, WhiteSpark, etc.

We recently started testing with Microsite Masters ( and it has provided great insights.

We really like how you can add specific notes to any keyword about any SEO changes you have added to a page or website. Therefore, when a ranking increase drops or changes, you can see the affect of your work pretty quickly.

It is also pretty cost effective as well.

Hope that helps!

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