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May 3, 2015
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Im trying to get some money cause I lost my job ( company closed ), I always did as hobby/2nd work some websites in wordpress and I've been good with Seo.

Now I wanna create a website for my self, promoting my web skills. I'm aiming to local market, my city is big enough and specially the province of the city.

Im wasting time thinking about domain name and company name.

I think from what I've read that domain name should have :

- City name, important for Local seo, and I'm aiming to be local webmaster
- at least 1 keyword : well I did some search and I think there should be at least the word "web", its also the less long then internetwebsite and so on.
- then I should have a brand name to add, thought something short 2-3 letters that have a meaning.

Tell me Im wrong so I can go forward :p

I tryed to think some names but they are so pathetic and long, also cause im Italian and Ive to use italian words that are longer sometimes.

I also need something that sound good when they call me at phone.
Let say I use, then when people call me at phone "Hello this is the internetwebsitesmilano ? "nah, sould be something else not ? Thats why I thought to add a short brand name so people recognize I've a name, like brandcitynameweb

Thanks a lot for the help
Hi pollini,

Yes you are on the right track. Good domains are hard to find if you are looking for a .com but .it probably not as bad. I would focus more on a good memorable brand than getting city and keyword in there if the perfect catchall option is taken or too long.

even if I find a good name, for example pollini.

Would help more if I put polliniweb dot it or just pollini dot it ?

Personally, I would just go with the brandable domain name and not include keywords in it, it sounds more professional.
Would you go with .it ( my nation ) or .website since "web" its a keyword ?


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