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Aug 12, 2015
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I just started working with a local college. They have 8 locations within the state, with one of these locations being their main campus.

How would you proceed in helping their local SEO. All campuses have a G+ page.

Would you put their main campus address in the footer and add structured data, then work on individual pages for each of the 7 other campuses? Right now, they have one Location page that highlights all 8 locations.
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I would recommend that each location has its own designated landing page. This would be the best option for local search. Once each location has its own page, make sure u add the correct URL for each location in GMB & contact info. I would also add some content, images, videos and a map to each location page. Make sure each URL is optimized for each location. Then add the structure data to each location page. Here is a generator if you need one: Local Business Generators | Generator For SEO | Rich Snippets & Microdata Generator

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