Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
Want to brush up on the latest in Local Search and laugh all the way to the bank? :p

Greg Gifford did another super entertaining presentation! This one includes 121 comedy movie references, with at least one movie for every year in the last 50 years.

<a href="">Local SEO Presentation | AutoRevo</a>


Click above to watch the video. This one is not just Greg's slide deck, which is what I usually share and even those are entertaining. But this one is a video with his voice explaining all the nuances of local search.
AND it includes all the latest changes, even all the new guidelines.

A+++ and worth a watch!

What was your fav slide???

And if you liked that one, here are more crazy fun presos from Greg:

<a href="">How to Win the Local Search Race & Blow Past Your Competitors</a>

<a href="">What Hollywood can Teach you about the CRAZY World of Local Search</a>

<a href="">How to do the Local Search Truffle Shuffle - Greg Gifford</a>

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Scott Rawlins

Nov 14, 2012
Watched this one yesterday. I love Greg's presentations. So full of information, but yet, so entertaining. Thanks Greg.

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