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Aug 7, 2015
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Hey everyone, I'm new here, but plan on being as active as possible in these forums in the future. I appreciate any help or advice I can get with my current situation and decision I need to make with my client.

My client has signed an exclusive national agreement that ensures him the rights to be the only e-commerce retailer for a manufacturer in the United States.

We also get paid to increase our local dealer's online presence (and sales). <-- This is the easiest way for us to increase sales quickly. Putting local SEO in place and having feet on the ground to make big ticket sales.

I'm wondering the best way to go about handling this agreement, so that it benefits my client, the manufacturer and their dealers.

We have the option to either help the dealers with their current websites, online marketing, etc. Or build them a NEW website (that my client will own), or build a "national" website that has a page for each dealer with their NAP.

This niche really isn't up to speed with SEO because there really isn't a whole lot of competition in virtually any decent sized city across the US. I say this because it brings up the point that most of them haven't worked on their local citations or really built any links, etc.

My client wants to build separate websites for each dealer and specifically SEOed for their market. I know this will work and that we can get the dealer traffic relatively easy. The difficult part of this strategy is producing non-duplicate content, and eventually managing dozens (or 100+) websites eventually. Nightmare.

My proposed strategy is to create a "national" e-commerce website that has a single page for each dealer with their NAP, etc. The problem with this strategy is that I'm wondering how difficult it will be to rank for a multitude of keywords in each city, when only one page is optimized specifically for that city. Will search engines rank our website where out dealers are located because they know we have a dealer in that city?

My biggest concern is getting more traffic to our local dealers quickly. Not building a national e-commerce website that ranks well.

What would be you guy's approach to this situation? Thanks in advance.
Hi Jim,

I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and tell you thanks for asking a great question.

Unfortunately I can't type much right now. And also so you know, even though we have a lot of really helpful members, activity drops way off here Friday afternoon and through the weekend, so you may not get many replies until Monday. But thanks again for posting.

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