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Jul 29, 2013
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Not sure if I follow? You partner with a marketing agency? Or you do profit share per lead/client with a customer?


Oct 9, 2013
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Honestly you could do both if you were outsourcing parts of your marketing. However I was mainly referring to partnering with the business owner on a per lead or pay per performance basis.

I'm not the only one who does this however I'm not afraid to say I do so. My ongoing work is a little different then most. I'll build relationships for my clients ongoing. Many of my best relationships have just come out of once I got them to the top of the search engines. For instance when that reporter or talk show hosts Googles and finds my client at the top, it opens doors.

But here is an example of what I do ongoing to earn my profit share.
  • PPC management
  • Link earning
  • Review solicitations
  • Blog & social
  • All website changes
  • Lead summaries

And of course fix N.A.P. issues as they come up and other tuff stuff. Then I am always proactively suggesting new things to try and move forward with. Oh and it makes it a lot easier when I get the client before they have build any links. We set up a web phone number and track SEO & PPC calls. Which is just fine if you don't have a bunch of other numbers floating around out there. But hey I'm open to other ideas.

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