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Jun 28, 2012
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Myles Anderson, the Founder & CEO of just hit one out of the park over at Search Engine Land that you need to go read. Lots of rich detail and screenshots.

He talks about how to boost ranking with research, benchmarking & tracking and tools that help you get those jobs done!

How To Create Your Local SEO Roadmap Through Research, Benchmarking & Tracking

During the regular online training sessions which I deliver to our customers, I inevitably get asked?

What should I focus on more ? citations or links?
Are reviews an important factor for local ranking?
How many citations should I build for my client?
How do I know the best categories for my client to be listed in?

Every client, every location, every industry and every competitor set is different. And because of this, the right solution is also different.

What I do say to them is that all successful and efficient SEO campaigns start with detailed Research and Benchmarking.

Research and benchmarking gives you a clear understanding of each client?s SEO situation and how they compare to their competitors. Once you have this data, it becomes clear what areas you need to prioritize and how much work is needed.

Myles shows how research, benchmarking & tracking can create the unique roadmap for that particular client that will help boost ranking and reach success.

Great stuff, thanks Myles!
It was a good article, lots of great info provided in it. I still have a question about what he meant when he mentioned "phone call tracking" since that has been a major difficulty for me. I'm not sure if he's responded yet (or if he will...), but that was the only part of the piece that I needed a little more clarification on what he wrote.
Ya I wondered about that too, as did others over there.

I've been working with Myles on some stuff. I'll ping him today and ask him to stop by to explain what he meant.
Any luck getting Myles to the forum? I've been checking back here and checking back on the actual article (I left a comment there as well) regularly to see if he responded. This is definitely something Id like to get his take/his expertise on.
I emailed him about this question and let him know I posted about his survey.

He did come by and comment in the survey thread, but not this one... :confused:

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