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Jun 28, 2012
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I often talk in my Local SEO training about my "recipe for Local On-site SEO" which includes specific ingredients like 'local hooks' and specific instructions about how all the ingredients need to be mixed together and explains exactly how to cook it. :p

A recipe (or formula) is needed for success, because with Google local,
you can have some of the right ingredients BUT if you are missing some
OR don't use the right amount OR if you overcook it, the recipe will fail!

Well EZlocal just whipped up a tasty Local SEO SALSA recipe.
I LOVE the acronym. Wish I'd have thought of it! :p

SALSA: A Recipe for Local SEO

Local search algorithms these days are a finicky bunch, so why not just give them what they want?

…if you’re like many business owners, you’re either befuddled on where to start, still pissed at Google for suspending your listing, or savvy enough to at least know how convoluted and fast evolving the local space actually is.

In any of these cases, you might benefit from a little SALSA for your Local SEO efforts.

S.A.L.S.A. - A Recipe for Local SEO

Google's 2010 blog post on how local search ranking works stated that they use three primary signals for rank determination: Relevance, Prominence and Distance. How each of these signals are defined and measured will continue to be a topic of much discussion with each successive update in local, social, and mobile.

With something like 100+ factors influencing Google local search results, #RPD (Relevance, Prominence and Distance) is just too vague, so we came up with a new crazy acronym for you (not at all forced):

SALSA (Saturation, Accuracy, Longevity, Social, Activity)

Saturation: Quantity and quality of your citations and depth of content.
Accuracy: Reliability and consistency in your NAP and business information.
Longevity: Historic performance of your local assets. Age of page, and more.
Social: What are you and the local community telling search engines about your business?
Activity: Freshness factor. How often is information being updated?

Below is the long-winded breakdown of what you need to know...

This looks REALLY comprehensive to me though after a quick scan and I did see a couple really good links to resources I had previously missed like the really good on-site Local SEO article by Chris Silver Smith.

Please share anything new you picked up OR anything you really liked OR if there is anything you question or don't quite agree with so we can discuss.

Note: I don't always have time to critically read everything I share. Just share whatever I find that may be helpful.
Hey Linda,

Thanks so much for sharing that thread! It's actually a fantastic resource that I'd recommend people bookmark. Local SEO (and even organic) is all about getting a varied blend of things right in order to rank. Yes, and the local organic secret sauce that we learnt from your training is very powerful. It's all about tieing everything together as well.

An yes, Local SEO is like cooking. For me Local SEO/Cooking/Recipe related topics, everyone go and check out this great one by Phil Rozek:

Local SEO "Substitutions" |

My kitchen is becoming the Local SEO HQ.!
I agree with Nick that the S.A.L.S.A. Recipe blog post is a book marker. I have to go through it again. It is all good.

I especially like the 7 additional things to consider regarding customer reviews. This is great advice for business owners. Love the data on saturation, the info on geo tagging pics, pic file name reminders. These are things people get lazy about or don't think about. Great to bring them to the forefront.

Thanks for bringing this forward Linda. EZLocal - good work!

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