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Jun 14, 2017
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I just started to use it and it's great but for one client who is not a SAB i'm getting this?

The scan at the center point location is returning no result. Would you like to continue anyway?

Can someone explain what that means exactly? I don't understand why I'm not seeing anything?
I imagine it has something to do with SAB's not being pulled from Google's API if the address is hidden. Could be wrong.

It's probably best to take any support questions straight to the LocalFalcon team though on their site.
Thanks. This client isn't a SAB. I can't find where to ask a support question on their site- may just be being daft today though.
Thanks. This client isn't a SAB. I can't find where to ask a support question on their site- may just be being daft today though.

Hey Caroline, apologies, I read through your thread too quickly.

You're right, I can't find a support link on the site either.

@Yan Gilbert
Hmm, I didn't think it was difficult for people to find a contact email. I have it listed on many pages of the site, as well as in the welcome email that gets sent out. I'll make 'support' stand out a bit more. Thanks for letting me know this was an issue.

Thanks @JoshuaMackens for fielding this.

@Caroline ... that message means that the rank for that keyword at the business location is higher than 20. (The scan only checks to the 20th spot) The business should be ranking best at its own location, so if you continue scanning, you are probably going to get all 20+ results. The popup message is there to help you save time by not scanning for a keyword that will deliver all 20+ results.


When you cancel the scan, you will see a lone center red 20+ Ranking Pin. At this point you can check your keyword to make sure there is no typo. Otherwise the scan is telling you the business is ranking poorly for that keyword.


If you chose to keep going, you would see something like this, which does not provide any more meaningful data.


There are times when you might want to choose Yes and continue scanning, and that is if you have multiple locations nearby, of if you moved the center of the scan for some reason.

Btw, if you think the business should be ranking for that keyword and you think the result might be wrong, just message me privately and I will take a look into it.

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