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Jan 28, 2022
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Recently, my listing is no longer being shown on the map pack. I used to rank #1 for my keywords (patent lawyer and patent attorney) if you searched it when you are in orange county. I saw Joy's youtube video on location filtering. I believe that I'm being location filtered by the attached is me.

Am I being location filtered?

It appears yes based on Joy's video she did a few years back. However, it appears no because I still rank for patent lawyer in orange county, irvine, etc. The more specific ones I rank for but not the broad patent lawyer or patent attorney.

Would moving to a different building solve the problem?

Hi James, it does indeed look like you are being filtered. I'm actually surprised you are filtered for "Patent Lawyer" considering that is in your name. The business you identified as the one filtering you also has "patent" in the name, so that might be why. Not sure if that is part of their actual name or not.

Moving to a new address would solve the filter issue, but it doesn't guarantee you will be ranking as well as you were before. Before considering that I would try:
  1. Checking the categories on the listings that rank and seeing if you are missing any relevant ones
  2. Consolidating duplicate listings (if you have them)
  3. Increasing organic ranking of the entire domain for that keyword. This can make a huge impact

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