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Aug 8, 2012
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I know there is a thread in here about action steps to take when you get the message above in your analytics dashboard and try to "view this location on google". Can anyone please direct me to the link?

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Hi Shonda,

Can you find the listing when you search it by name or phone in Google Maps?
Shonda, there are a bunch of threads about it.

But quoting in part from the thread David linked to and adding to it, to try to cover all bases that I cover about it in training.

1st off if it's newly verified, it's normal to get DNS for about a month. Just means the dash and live listing are not syncing up.

So as Colan said, search maps to see if live. If so, nothing to worry about.

But even if you got "do not support" when clicking view listing on a mature listing, as I explained in training, sometimes can just be temp bug and just means the dash and live listing are not syncing up. Again search maps, if live, don't worry.

But if you get DNS AND can't find it live that means it's likely been deleted in which case the DNS message is like a backhanded penalty. (DNS instead if giving you the red suspended so you KNOW you did something wrong.)

This usually just used to happen for SABs who didn't hide address, but I've seen it happen for other violations. BUT Mike said Joel said they are no longer deleting SABs like that any more.

So there I tried to cover all the bases explaining. Search maps and explain in more detail if you still need help and we can go from there.
Yes - and Yes...however, in maps it leads to a "scraped" local page with old Company name and URL. When i go to "Manage This Page" i go to client analytics dashboard. All info in dashboard is correct. AS OF TODAY From there when i go to "see your listing on google i go to an incorrect local page. ( NOT the one i mentioned above that was "scraped". ) Last week i went to a "this location is not supported"...i know it is very confusing...i'm in a round-a-bout!
Shonda, is there any chance you could share a screenshot of the dashboard and links to the listings?
Sorry for the delay - got crazy busy yesterday...
1) dashboard screen shot attached

2) From dashboard, "see your listing on google: -->
NOTE: this is not the correct business...this is a doctor's office, not my dentist client. Also note that last week i was getting the "location not supported" but this week i get this.

3) Phone # search in MAPS goes here -->
(This is the "scraped" one...old URL...old Office name)

4) If i click "Manage This Page" i go back to dashboard as shown above....
Shonda can you try attaching dash screenshot again?
lets see if it worked this time

WPD dashboard.jpg
Shonda you kinda told us everything that was wrong, but didn't give any of the correct info and the screenshot was cut off, so even their name didn't show. So I really had to dig to figure this out and try to find the correct client info.

You said the Kyle listing here:
"is the "scraped" one...old URL...old Office name"

Not scraped. That's a claimed listing. It has images and description. Plus it's a Dr listing not an old practice name. I mean maybe he used to go by that name and changed it BUT a practice name and Dr name are both allowed in Google, so they would not delete it. Especially since its claimed.

PLUS that Dr listing is embedded right on the client's web site. So they are in essence telling Google - here is our listing. See this page: It's the Dr listing on the maps and it looks to me like they obviously claimed it. Westlake Pediatric Dentistry

Your client: Westlake Pediatric Dentistry - 5656 Bee Cave Road, Suite B-104, Austin, Tx

The medical listing is Westlake Pediatrics. That one is a scraped listing. There is no address.
However if you click all the 3rd party links - they show the address is 5656 Bee Cave Rd Ste C104 West Lake Hills, TX. (Even though cities are different they land at the same building.)

So since same street address and similar names - maybe merged.

Was that you doing all the edits that keep getting denied in MM? It looks like someone keeps adding incorrect categories in dash and trying to change the name from the Dr name to the practice name on MM. Edits keep getting denied. If that was you making the changes, if there is already a practice name listing in dash, why are you trying to change name on Dr listing to practice name? Then you'd have a dupe, does not make sense. If I were you I'd avoid editing in MM unless you really learn how it works. And if it's the Dr doing it I'd advise them that they are tying things up in more knots which is going to make it much harder to untangle this all.

So this one is a real mind bender. I think the practice listing in your dash may be merged with the Pediatric medical listing and maybe even merged with the Dr listing.

Pretty scrambled up. Best thing I can think of is try using the new phone support option. Which right now is only supposed to be for data problems. So don't lead with merge. Call it a data problem. Say when I click to view listing from dashboard all the info is wrong and none of my info is there. Just start off like that,
ease into it, then explain the rest as you go along.

Hope this helps and best of luck!
Laura - thank you so much for your time and effort on this - please let me apologize for the delay in my reply...i wont bore you with reasons...i just wanted to say thanks and i really appreciate the insight and advice. I am working thru all these issues and will post the results/solutions when it is all said and done!

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