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Dec 17, 2021
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I am seeing numerous locations missing where I can confirm that my email address is currently listed as an owner/manager of these locations. The listings are live in search, but I am not able to edit these profiles when I search for the business name. I do not get the google profile features at the top of the search results like I should as a manager.

I have access to a few of the google accounts that are listed as "owner/primary owner" of these locations and when I log into them I can see that my main email address is correctly listed as a manager.

Is there a bug somewhere that I am missing?
There is a bug where business profiles are disappearing from the dashboard. This is promising that they are not being removed from Google. Please get in touch with GBP support for help.
Thanks, it seems like a very interesting bug.

When I search for the business name in google, the regular knowledge panel appears as if I am not the manager, but if I click on "Own this business?", a pop-up appears and says "You're already an manager of this location". After that and a refresh the google business menu does appear at the top of the search results for that business.
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We noticed this as well today. Searching in the dashboard doesn't return a listing you manage, even though you still have access to it. You can still get to it by selecting the location group and then manually finding it in the list.

I just raised the issue to Google - must be a bug.
This seems to be somewhat resolved. I'm seeing most clients back in the Dashboard search. Still there are some missing.

If I do a google search for the client name, the SERPs appear as if I'm not the owner, but if I go to the GBP dashboard first and click on "See your profile" the GBP options are at the top of the SERPs. So definitely still some issues
Yeah, a search I did yesterday that returned 6 listings is now returning 12 so it looks like it's in the process of being resolved.
I am glad it’s being resolved. I checked with my coworker and she still can’t find the business profile.
Today I can't find the business profile. I was able to find it via search and make my edits. I also noticed that I could select remove locations in the dashboard. Today I can.
Forgot I'd posted already, but I can had this fixed a prior ongoing bug too where only the store code didn't work.
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