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May 16, 2016
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Hi everyone!

Is anyone still using Magic Yellow and has tried to get them to help you update a listing? I don't know why they don't give you the option of editing your own listing that you've claimed because I have been unsuccessful when using their Update Courtesy Business Listing form to get them to update my listings. I'm kind of wondering if the site is still operational anymore.
Hey Greenfiend!

We stopped submitting to them awhile back. I don't remember if you can claim your listing with them (I believe you can) but the reason we stopped submitting to them is because once you put your business name in, it can't be changed. Everything else can be changed expect that. At least, that's what I vaguely recollect.

At any rate, we found their support to be non existent. Which is another reason we stopped submitting to them. Maybe you'll have better luck though!
Hi JoshuaMackens! Thanks for your input. You can't update either your business name or address actually. Their support does appear to be non-existent because I've been trying for months now and there are no actions taken. Which means we can't correct outdated NAP when we need to and that's a bit frustrating.

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