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May 15, 2014
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I have a business that is currently verified on Google. I logged in to make some changes to it, and it says that I have to re-verify the listing before these edits will go into effect. However, when I hit the "verify now" button, Google just redirects my page back to where I started, it doesn't let me send out a new postcard. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Thanks.
Hi There,

We see this come up quite a bit at the Google Forum. Sometimes it has to do with some flags that may have been raised.

If you want to provide links and the business details I can move this to the help section for a closer look under the hood.
From what i was told a while back if you ant to make changes to do them slowly. One at a time so Google does not think you are altering the business..

ex.. Change a photo

24hr or more change description


Could this be the cause maybe?
Thanks for sharing the link - it helps us help you.

That's a plain G+ Business page now.

Which means the local part of the page was deleted or suspended or is borked.

Which means this page won't rank in search or maps and does not have review capability.

I would contact phone support for help if you are sure there are no violations.
Thank you!

I've seen before in Google before where it would tell me the page was suspended for one reason or another, but for some reason this page didn't say that, so I was really confused. Ill have to contact Google support.

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Interesting, Ill have to look into it further and see why there are two separate pages.

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