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Jul 23, 2021
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Hi everyone! I successfully completed a merge of two verified, overlapping GBPs for a client at the beginning of May. Since then, the rankings for their GBP on Google Maps have dropped considerably. They went from being in the top 1-6 for some Maps searches to 40+ for some, especially for searches using local keywords where the GBP was set up. For example in January, the GBP consistently ranked 2nd for "greensboro dumpster rental" and now it ranks 38th. The profile is complete and has a good amount of reviews. I double-checked to make sure the right GBP was merged, and I know that rankings after a merge or any major change take time to bounce back. But is this big of a drop normal or does anyone have any insight into this? I should note that there are quite a few spammy/incomplete or unrelated listings in their area that rank above them for searches.

Their business name on the listing is currently "redbox+," but the company recently changed its business name to "redbox+ Dumpsters." Once the new website with the new name is released next month, we will change the business name on the GBP and likely have to reverify the listing. This new business name should help with rankings. This business also has a lot address where they hold dumpsters, but only the service area is shown on the listing. We were considering displaying the lot address on the listing and make it a hybrid location to try to help rankings as well. We are not currently doing any SEO for their website, but the client is starting next month, which should also help rankings. Any suggestions/insights into this situation would be helpful! I can provide more information if needed.

Link to GBP on Maps.
Link to GBP on Search.
Did the drop happen at the end of May? The core algorithm update made a pretty large impact on local pack rankings so it's possible it was related to that and not the merge.

Also, was the address the same on both listings that you merged?
Yes, the merge was completed in May and that was when the rankings dropped. Perhaps it was the algorithm update that impacted the rankings so much and it wasn't necessarily the merge. Yes, the addresses on the listings were different when they were initially created & verified by another vendor, but they were SAB.
The address change would absolutely cause a change in rankings. If the new address is no longer as close to the city center or inside the city borders, it would also have more of a drastic impact on keywords that contain the city name.
The address we chose to keep is the better location and is more central (in the city we want and did rank for before).

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