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Jan 30, 2018
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Well, this is new, I think... There's now a map along with the address in the dashboard:


There's also a user edit that needs to be addressed, and I'm thinking that's why two pins are showing on the map. Funny the edit isn't showing as red anymore either... it's kindof hard to see what was changed..
Interesting. After verifying the update, and accepting the changes, the map disappeared. It looks normal now. I wonder if this is replacing the red font used to highlight user edits?
Hey Cherie, I noticed this the other day as well. I think you are right and the map shows when there is some kind of issue that needs to be rectified with the map.
Good spot, @Cherie Dickey. That sure does appear new. My guess is Google simply wants business owners not to overlook the placement of the map pin; that's been pretty easy to overlook.
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