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Jul 26, 2012
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As recent as last month, one could add or edit listings on these directories free of cost using some workarounds - but no more.

You now need to go through Yext only, of course for a price.

What has been your experience with these directories?
Best of The Web I believe is now no longer free as well. Smart model for these directories. even a small monthly fee generates a LOT of income for them.
Correction - Yasabe listings are still free to claim, add or update

Yes Greg, no more free 'jumpstart listings' from
Meh. I'm not paying for citations (via Yext).
You can still get to the top of the 7-pack without these sites, just need more reviews and social signals.
I personally think it's a terrible idea for these guys to just rely on Yext. Tying your revenues to the success of another business which incidentally has a very bad reputation is shooting yourself in the foot!

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