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Jul 27, 2017
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I know that I can report large spam networks using the spam redressal form and I have done that a lot. I know that each spreadsheet can't exceed 100 business profiles and while it can be a pain, I have been able to break my lists up into several sheets. This one network will be close to 20,000 fake business profiles. If I group all of the same named business profiles, do you think I could upload a batch of 5,000 business profiles?
Scott's maid services - 4,978 business profiles would be one redressal form
Scott's pest control - 6,789 business profiles would be another redressal form
Scott's home inspections - 5,764 business profiles would be another redressal form

Do you think I could upload all 4,978 business profiles in one sheet and not have to create 50 separate sheets? What if all of the business profiles use the same website and telephone number, could I upload all 11,767 business profiles on one sheet?
Hello @keyserholiday
based on your experience how much is this redressal form effective? i have done this form more than 100 times in the last 3 months..... so far i see zero results :oops:
any insights, thanks

Yeah I agree. I used that form several times and have yet seen "1" legit spam listing I report be fixed, removed, banned etc. I feel like its a way for Google to make us feel like they are doing something but in reality they aren't because of 0 results.

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