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Jun 28, 2012
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An Online Resource You Don’t Want to Miss: The Matt Cutts Short Cutts
by Amanda DiSilvestro, Search Engine Journal
May 14, 2013

The Short Cutts works as somewhat of an online directory of videos created by the head of the Google Webspam Team himself, Matt Cutts. The website is by popular online marketing company Click Consult who saw a need to organize these videos. It was becoming clear that the very helpful videos created by Cutts were beginning to get jumbled because there were so many. Since 2009, Cutts has created over 500 videos.


  1. Search an SEO Question. As with any directory, you have a search bar where you will want to type in any SEO question that you have. If Cutts has created a video about anything similar, it (or they) will pop up on the screen in a grid-like format. You can sort whether you want to see the newest or the oldest videos first.
  2. Choose a Category. You can decide which category you want to search in to find a video. You can search all categories (which is what I usually do), but if it’s something general you might want to narrow it down. A few of the categories available include Link Building, SERPs, Google Updates, and even Matt Cutts Trivia.
  3. The Video. As you likely assumed, one part of the results is going to be the actual video, which you can click and watch right there on the same page.
  4. Text for the Video. The second part of your results is going to be the question followed by a very short answer. In some cases, the answer will just be a simple yes or no. It’s the best way for you to get what you need without having to watch the video (sometimes even 2 minutes is longer than you need!)


You can find this directory at

That is awesome. Thanks, David!

I'm happy to see that every one of Matt's myriad hairstyles is represented.
Know how there's for Sheldon from Big Bang Theory? is not taken.

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