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Aug 7, 2013
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Matt always seems to give you just enough info to kick off a conversation.

Google?s Matt Cutts On Assessing Quality Of A Page Without Links

In the latest video by Google?s Matt Cutts, he talks about how Google may determine the quality of a page of content without there being many links.By Matt?s expression, he seemed to give off the feeling that without links, it is really hard for Google to determine the quality of the page. He said, you have to go to pre-Google days, how search engines worked before links, and look at the words on the page.
Summed up: Is your page the best answer to the question? If so, good. If not, why not?

AKA - Content rule #1.
It's still about links. Until social signals can be troubleshooted for spam, links will still rule.

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