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Aug 4, 2012
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NOTE From Linda: Copied from this thread to start NEW GROUP MINDSHARE DISCUSSION.
Let's build the Ultimate List of Local Search RSS Feeds! (See my comments post #2.)

Nick says: Thanks for showing some interest and I'd be delighted to share my RSS feeds with you. I cannot recommend RSS Feeds enough.

*Deep Breath*

- Adster Creative - Local
- - Local
- Catalyst eMarketing (Linda Buquet) - Local
- Elsue - Local
- Local Search Forum Community (RSS Feed/Posts) :D
- Local SEO Guide (Andrew Shotland) - Local
- (Phil Rozek) - Local
- Matt Cutts - General SEO + Personal
- Mihmorandum (David Mihm) - Local
- Mike Blumenthal - Local
- NGS Marketing (Nyagoslav Zhekov) - Local
- Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
- Point Blank SEO - Link Building
- Rand's Blog (Rand Fishkin) Personal + General SEO
- Search Engine Land - General SEO
- SEO Igloo Blog (Miriam Ellis) - Local
- SEOMoz - General SEO
- Touch Point Digital Marketing - Local
- Small Business Online Coach (Matthew Hunt) - Local
- TVS Internet Marketing (Travis Van Slooten) - Local


General SEO
Link Building


There is obviously a lot there. Even so, I do try to be picky with what I read, and I love reading all of the above sources!
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Re: MINDSHARE: Best Local Search RSS Feeds

I loved Nick's willingness to share his RSS feed with the community.
AND loved his color coding. :p

So thought I'd copy his post out to start a new GROUP MINDSHARE DISCUSSION.

Let's build the Ultimate List of Local Search RSS Feeds!

I have an EXTENSIVE RSS feed list so it will take me time to try to pull out what I think are some of the best. Will try to later this afternoon if I get a chance. But in the meantime I wanted to put this out there so the community could start sharing.

So share away. What are some of the favs in your RSS feed?
Hey Linda, thanks for making a post out of this and I really hope it helps anyone who wants a tonne of great useful blogs/people to follow.

You might notice that the majority of the Blogs are "Local" themed (well duh) but there are also ones that cover "General SEO". I really like to keep my ear out on the whole online marketing/inbound/SEO landscape and following things like Search Engine Land (8 posts per day) keeps you up-to-date.

On the topic of RSS Feeds, I'm not sure how many of you use them but they are absolutely invaluable for me. If you combine it with Google Reader, you can keep track of all these blogs at the click of a button. Also, if you use a (relevant) smartphone app, you can read the blogs (in RSS Feed) on the move. If I'm out shopping with my girlfriend, and she's dragging me round the stores, I can quickly read a few blog posts! :D

Hey Linda, really looking forward to getting some of your recommendations - Also, I look forward to hearing about other good Local blogs to follow! :D
That's a great list, Nick. Thanks to you and Linda for sharing that. And I'm flattered that I'm on it. Now the pressure is on! lol jk There are a couple of blogs on that list that I don't think I've been to yet, so I'll have to check them out. And I'll check my feed to see if there any others I'd recommend adding.
I'd definitely throw in SEObytheSea (Bill Slawski) and Screenwerk (Greg Sterling) as well.
And of course, let's not forget about SEO Spark.

Ha! Cheers David. Funnily enough. I am subscribed to my own RSS Feed, but only so I can check that everything displays ok!
David: Your Blog is a recent addition of mine and I'm really enjoying it so far.

@Miriam: I really like your Blog posts - so very thoughtful and interesting. You could write a book. I really liked your Zen of Local SEO post from last year:

SEO Igloo Blog ? The Zen Of Local SEO

@Linda: That's some great more additions right there. I know that there are so many more "must read" blogs out there. I like to have a nice blend of organic/general/local blogs to follow.

Also, outside of internet marketing, I'd recommend following one of the worlds most popular marketing bloggers: Seth Godin (he does 1 post a day) :D

Seth's Blog
Thank you, Nick! I love to write. I've been writing creatively since I could hold a crayon. I'd love to blog more, but time constraints forbid me from writing on my company's blog as often as I would like. Appreciate your kind words so much!
Hey Miriam. I think it matters more about the quality of the posts rather than the frequency, and your posts are always great quality! :D

I know what you mean about having the time to Blog. I think it's just a case of doing what you can, when you can. The important thing is that you have loads of Blog posts that are awesome, so I always look forward to the next one!

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