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Aug 7, 2013
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I'm sure we will be seeing small tweaks now that GMB has launched. No time to sleep in Google World!

[h=1]Google Drops Search Queries From Google My Business
So Google launched this new fancy Google My Business the other day and even new fancy apps to go along with it but they dropped a key feature from the analytics - Google no longer shows top search queries that lead the user to your business listing in Google Maps. Google use to show the top search phrases people searched to find your business listing. That is no longer available. Why?
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You and Barry scooped me Justin! :) I was involved in that and wrote a post yesterday afternoon and decide to hold it til this AM when more are online. So here's mine...

Many of you have asked here and on G+ about the missing keyword data in the new Google My Business Insights ever since launch.

That omission from the new Insights was reported here at the forum the day after GMB launched and I know lots of consultants are concerned about no longer having that data for client reports.

I didn't have time to ask Google at the time and was not sure if it was by design, or if that feature did not get baked into the initial release and would show up again?

But if you look at organic analytics, you know Google removed a lot of the keyword data there too, so I thought there was a good chance it was by design.

So yesterday it came up at the Google and your Business Forum...

<a href="!topic/business/XQmR-tVYgOs/discussion">My Business Insights missing Top Search Queries - Google Product Forums</a>

So I escalated to Jade and here is her reply:

"We've changed the way that we show some Insights to ensure the privacy of all of our users. We're continuing to improve Insights to provide valuable information for business owners and thank you for your feedback."

So there you have it. She (Google) gave us some new analytics that are helpful but it looks like when she took that one away, it was not an oversight but by design, as I suspected. :(

<meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta property="og:title" content=""><meta property="og:description" content="Was reported here at the forum the day of GMB launch. Consultants concerned re no longer having KW data for client reports.">
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This is exactly what I asked about the day of launch but was told I must have been the only one who looked at the top queries, LOL.

Now I feel less crazy asking about the missing data twice on the announcement here.:)
Oh ya Amber that was you - you were the 1st to notice and mention it.

Sorry I did not mean no one cared. You said am I the only one that looked at that data? And you never got any replies so I said, yes I guess you are the only one. But I was being snarky about the fact that no one else replied.
Oh! I was so upset that I couldn't find anyone to morn the loss of those Top Search Queries with me.

It all happened so fast. Didn't even get a chance to say goodbye :p
Oh! I was so upset that I couldn't find anyone to morn the loss of those Top Search Queries with me.

It all happened so fast. Didn't even get a chance to say goodbye :p

Amber, yes, sad to hear confirmation that it's gone... for good.
The loss of the top searches is a huge blunder as far as I am concerned. I am disappointed with Jade's political non-answer. I always considered those keywords to be very important as it was real data for that local business and their local customers. It was a great source extremely relevant information.

Bad decision by Google employees.
Wow can't believe this has been withdrawn. So now you have no idea what terms a page is ranking for without doing lots of manual checking (at least I have Places scout)

They did that for organic search a long time ago. Makes no sense but what can you do.

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