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Nov 29, 2019
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Never posted here but I have something odd and I cannot figure it out. When doing a search for a "city" specific query, a location (gold pin) appears in the SERP's for mobile. I cannot determine where Google is pulling this data. Has anyone encountered this before? If so where is Google pulling this data from? If you can help me, I would be more than happy to repay you with a LINK :), or pay you for some time.

odd mobile serps.jpg
I'm not seeing that -- can you share exactly what you searched for and about where you're located? I'll try to replicate it.
Hi thanks for the reply, it is a search on an iPhone 11 which is on Tmobile using Safari Mobile. Search queries vary this is for Huntington Beach Property Management.
Well normally for tests it's based on the user so while you're seeing these, the majority of your client's audience is not.

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