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Jun 28, 2012
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Google is making headway!

Jade just announced yet more improvements to the bulk upload management tool.

Upgrades coming to bulk location management

We are rolling out new features for the bulk location management tool in the coming weeks to make your experience even better. We're upgrading accounts gradually, and once your account is upgraded, these features will be available. Please be patient if you don’t see these features right away.

Click over to read about the improvements.

Here is a screen shot:


I didn't have time to add commentary, was just rushing to share the news.

But Mike just made some great comments on G+

Mike said:

"Several significant things:

1)better information about whether a given listing is live or not

2)Much faster time to live. It was a week and may now be hours or in some cases even less.

This is the second change in a few weeks. Bodes well for the eventual ability to have full social presence."

And even more insights at his blog: Google Upgrades Bulk Upload Again
Thanks for sharing Linda!

Mike noted on his blog that 'The bulk tool most likely now uses the same faster pipelines that are used by Plus, the new Places Dashboard and Mapmaker.'

Seems likely that because bulk is now accessing the same architecture as these other interfaces, there's a freer sharing of data that makes these new bulk improvements possible (e.g. showing how bulk data conflicts with what's displaying in Maps). No matter, it's a great sign that bulk users can finally expect a move to Plus and the new Dashboard.

Have not seen the new changes in our accounts, wonder if anyone else's accounts have received updated.

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