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Jan 19, 2015
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Looking for some advice how to handle this scenario:

A well established carpet cleaning business (25 reviews) is moving 10 miles away further away from the city center (old location was already 10 miles off center). While doing this, they stop accepting dropped off area rugs and focus on cleaning in homes. The business was listed as a pure storefront business, but certainly acting as a service area business.

It seems easy to do on the GMB page: add a service area, change address, hide address.

But what are the consequences?
The business ranks well on Google Maps when zoomed out.
It ranks well when pointing Google Search to the city. I see SABs in the seven pack with a location even further out.

Any concerns?
The biggest concern is just the move itself. Any time you move you typically lose ranking, for awhile at least. And even though address is hidden Google still knows address in dash changed.

But changing to hidden address won't affect ranking really.

And the centroid is not city center as most think. Plus now with Pigeon it's changed and now the user is more so the centroid. So if he had not moved and had always been in the outlying area, he may still rank for searchers that are searching from that area.
I was thinking the exact same thing that Linda said.

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