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Sep 3, 2014
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Hi - Today I received this email from Moz Local. The problem is, it's just plain wrong. They are saying that the Suite number for this listing has been removed from the client's google listing, but that's not correct.

Has this happened to anyone else here in the past day or two? is this some new technical glitch at Moz Local?

Here's the email:

We noticed that a listing managed by Moz Local has had its name, address or phone number updated on Google Places for Business.

Data submitted to Moz Local by you:

[client name]
5955 [street name]
# 160
[city state zip]
[phone number]

Data currently on Google:

[client name]
5955 [street name] <== they're indicating that the suite # is gone,
[city state zip] but they're wrong.
[phone number]

Moz Local has automatically updated your listing with the new information and pushed updates to our network of partners to ensure that this data continues to be consistent. If these changes are incorrect, please correct your Google listing and we'll auto update your listing again within 1 week.
Wow, Cody, thanks for that VERY quick reply.

This is the first time I have received a notice from Moz Local like this, much less one that is in error.
I got one a few weeks ago - not the exact issue you're seeing, but an issue with a GMB listing - and in my case, it said the listing itself was no longer available!

I contacted Moz and it was manually resolved when I spoke with them - they said it was potentially from the changes to the GMB API, but they weren't definitive about that. It hasn't happened again since then, at least not to me. But clearly the issue isn't fully resolved yet either.

Did you email their support?

I got one a few weeks ago...I contacted Moz and it was manually resolved when I spoke with them...Did you email their support?

Thanks for your response, Scott!

Yes, I did email them. I haven't received a response yet but after all it is a holiday weekend here in the USA.

By the way, how did you get to speak with them? It's virtually impossible to get phone support from Moz, isn't it?

oops - I didn't "speak" with them - it was all via email. But it was quite fast, I think they responded and resolved it within 2 days after I emailed them initially.
I have seen a few odd issues with Mozlocal. Emailing their support has been every helpful.
Here's a update. Thanks to @MiriamEllis for jumping in from the Moz side to help get this straightened out. For those keeping score at home, here's what we found out:

Despite what the email from Moz stated, it was apparently really a problem with a NAP discrepancy between the Moz profile information for that location and the *Facebook* record that I had linked to that Moz location.

Once I knew that the problem was with the Facebook URL that I had entered for that Moz location, it was easy to figure out that I had mistakenly entered the Facebook URL for a "corporate" Facebook page, rather than the Facebook page for that location.

The fix is easy: I removed the erroneous Facebook URL and replaced with the correct Facebook URL. We'll see how long it takes for that to "solve" the problem as far as Moz is concerned.

So the conclusion for this case was twofold:
1) My mistake: I entered the wrong Facebook page URL for this Moz location
2) Moz's mistake: sending me an email that identified the problem as being with a Google URL instead of a Facebook URL.
Thanks for the update Tim. And thanks for helping to get this sorted out Miriam.
(Miriam kinda rocks!)

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