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Barb Davids

Apr 24, 2019
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I ran a client local info through Moz Local and Yext. For Bing, the two show two different addresses. How can that be?

I suspect they're picking up different listings. You probably have duplicates on Bing. Neither tool is very good at their scans.
That makes sense. Since then I've discovered the business used to be at a different address. The listings are a mess.
Unfortunately, both automated tools have their limitations. In the case of Yext, they will always discover and display only 1 listing per site, i.e. if there are additional (duplicate, incorrect) listings, they won't show them. In the case of Moz Local, they have a problem that is unavoidable with fully automated tools - they cannot know what variations of the business name, address, or phone number are relevant to the business you are doing a scan for.

The perfect tool would be one that has both a manual input part, and an automatic scan part. Unfortunately such a tool doesn't exist, just yet, so the best option is to use automated tools, such as Yext and Moz Local scans, as supplementary to your manual listings audit and research work.

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