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Mar 10, 2014
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I have a new client - a multi doctor dental practice - that has several GMB pages and a G+ profile. The GMB pages are as follows:
  • Practice Name: Dr. A - Verified, not linked to website
  • Practice Name: Dr. A (first name MI. last name DMD), Dr. B (first name MI. last name, DMD), Dr. C (first name MI. last name, Jr. DMD) - Verified, not linked to website
  • Practice Name: Dr. C (last name, Jr., first name MI., DDS) - NOT verified, linked to website
In addition there is a fourth Google + Profile:
  • Practice Name - unverified, no webpage
The phone number is the same for all three pages and the profile. The address is identical for the first two pages. The third page and the profile each have different variations on the same address.

I have also done Google searches on the telephone number and found at least one other doctor showing up in the SERPs with the same address, phone number and Practice Name (NAP) who is no longer associated with the practice.

Finally, this practice is currently ranking very highly despite this apparent mess. They are showing up #1 and #2 organically and #1 in the local 7-pack.

I am somewhat at a loss as to how to move forward with this and am open to any suggestions or insights.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Ron,

I cover dupes and then Dr dupes in training. Not sure if you saw that part yet but here are some posts.

Google will no longer remove practitioner listings and it can cause you to lose reviews as well as cause ranking problems. Ranking problems include the Dr listing replacing the practice in the pack OR just locking the practice out and none if them rank.

I wrote up a strategy for dealing with the ranking problem below. All the consultants that have tried it tell me it works well.

Read both in detail in order. (1st explains problem, 2nd explains solution.)

<a href="">Google Places DUPLICATES – Have Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer DUPES? You NEED to Read This</a>

<a href="">Overcoming New Google Places Duplicate Listing Problems for Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys</a>

IMPORTANT FYI - Sound like this is a real cluster f*. There are likely more dupes and Google maps and Pigeon tend to hide dupes now. So also go to Map Maker and do all the different searches. Often you'll find ones that are hidden on maps.

If it's a practice dupe, just practice name - then use the troubleshooter since you they are ranking. But if it was hurting you then I'd suggest going right to phone support.
So Linda - I am VERY late replying here but THANK YOU. I have seen the first post previously but the second is new to me. You are correct that I have not quite gotten to this point in your training but I had an idea this was coming and I am very much looking forward to getting there and beyond. I am trying to balance working through the training with starting a business all while still working a full time job - challenging but I believe ultimately all good.
Whoa you have your hands full Ron but you're on the right track!

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