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Jun 28, 2012
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Scott Holstein over at Search Influence recently did a great 2 part series about franchise SEO,
but really much of the info pertains to any type of business, so I wanted to share.

<a href="">More Locations, More Problems? Optimize Your Franchise SEO - Part 1 </a>

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in your efforts to market your business with more than one location? Do you live with the constant headache of wondering if you did as much for one location as you did for another or if your franchisees are out there doing something counterproductive to squander your efforts? You also might be wondering, how do I get users from all of my markets to find their local franchise business? How much is too much when it comes to overstuffed keywords and duplicate web pages?

You don?t need to be an industry professional to know that comprehensive search engine optimization requires the balance of a dozen or more moving pieces. From keeping tabs on your targeted keywords (those words and phrases people use when performing a Google search, for example) to constantly generating new, compelling website content, maintaining high search engine rankings is a multidimensional effort. It seems like all it takes is one surprise update or manual action from Google, and your entire SEO strategy can collapse like a house of cards. For multi-location businesses and franchises, this balancing act is even more complex.

Worry not, my friends. In this two-part series, I am going to give you a five-step guide that should answer all of your questions about multi-location or franchise SEO.

And here is part 2:

<a href="">More Locations, More Problems? Optimize Your Franchise SEO ? Part 2</a>

Great stuff Scott. Thanks for the detailed info!

What do you think???
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Thank you for sharing this, Linda. Sorry I am little late to the game but glad to be a part of the forum now.
Hey Scott, welcome aboard. Really glad to have you join us!
(Better late than never!) :)

No thank YOU for the original post so I could share it!

Feel free to add a sig with link if you like, so folks know who you are and who you are with, as you post in other threads.
This is a great post. I find a lot of multi-location information difficult to parse. This is a nice guide (especially for the DIY type) that won't get you lost in the weeds of local. Thanks, Scott!

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