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Apr 17, 2018
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After a meeting with another local seo, I've come to the conclusion that the only way to be within Googles current guidelines, and display multiple sab locations for multiple cities (i.e: Joe's locksmith that operates out of 3 cities but doesn't use the stores to meet customers) is to create an entirely new company, website, domain etc. for each location.

It seems crazy, but this seems to be the only logical way to no get delisted.

Anybody know another way?
I was under the impression that SAB's were allowed to have another SAB listing as long as it was in another city?
Do you have a physical office/location and a local phone number for each of those cities? If so, you shouldn't need to completely restart on each location. You can create a landing page on your existing domain for each city


Make sure those landing pages include the relevant local phone number and content for the location. You can create a GMB listing for each location and link it to the corresponding landing page on your website. You might not necessarily include an address on that page but you can still embed your Google map showing your service area and reviews.
I think the original question is a little too vague to answer. Can you clarify the client's situation you need help with? There is really no one answer to any question, so knowing the situation better can help give more valuable input.
New company?
New website?
Just do like said above,

You will probably need 3 addresses though.
The best idea is to find the cheapest physical office you can afford, that is closest to the neighborhoods you want to rank in.

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