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Jul 7, 2017
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I submitted 15 gmb listing as does not exist for using virtual offices. 6 we taking down instantly and 9 were marked as pending and later marked as not applied.

It is obvious in so cases as one location is a nursing home and another is a new business at the address or if you google the location you see all the virtual office listings.

I have followed the steps, Joy Hawkins guide. What are the next steps? ( this is a home ) ( this one might be real ) ( devinci virtual office location ) ( same location as the one above)

sorry just looking for some help here!
You're doing all you can. Flag them, and flag some more. Gotta wait till Google see's and decides.

Joy/Colan may have other tricks they use. Maybe they'll chime in?
In addition to the bogus GMB listings, he has 15 sites for 15 cities (ie duilawyer-{city}.com) with the same content, changing only the city name.

I'd expect that eventually he'll be penalized by Google.

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