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Nov 8, 2012
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I have a law firm that has almost a dozen locations and their current site has all the addresses listed under an area "Our Locations" I had them markup only the main office with Schema and then each other office has its own page that has the NAP with the markup added. I was hoping that would be enough to prevent any confusion with the local seo on the page. Does anyone know if this can cause any problems by having all the locations listed like this in a footer widget on the site?

I had seen it mentioned that you should list the main location then have a click here for other locations but wanted to confirm that leaving it as is for a law firm is not going to have any major consequences.
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Hi Grant, thanks for posting.

Mixed NAP on any page of the site can POTENTIALLY lead to 2 problems.

1) Can contribute to merging of the Places listings.

2) Can cause duplicate confusion that causes the listings to drop out of blended and not show up at all in blended.

Think of G Local like a kindergartener playing a match game and she is easily confused. She sees one site, all these different practice Place pages AND all these different atty listings. Tries to figure out which listing to match with the site in blended - looks at the site to see which one is correct. One the site it does not tell here which to match because they are all listed. So she gets confused, can't make the match AND your client drops out of blended!

PLUS be advised MOST of the time attys with multiple locations like this wont fly on G+ L and good chance they'll eventually get suspended. I've helped lots of attys with this problem at the G forum. Most of the time these additional offices are virtual offices or at Regus or whatever.

I go over most of these issues in the training I'm doing with you this week.

I also stress with G+ L there are NO absolutes. So this client could fly by with no issues BUT it's highly likely that at least ONE of the problems above will at some point hit this company. A merge, a blended drop or suspension. :(
I actually came on here to post something very similar.

So let's say you've done this right. You have a contact landing page for each city you're targeting, and you're using rich markup for the address, and the only place to find the city appropriate NAP is on it's respective contact page.

If you have a claimed/merged Google+ Local business page for each location, should you link to the index page of the site, or the respective/corresponding contact page of the appropriate city? Does anyone know what the best practice is for something like this?

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