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Sep 17, 2019
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We have 8 locations within the same city that share the exact same name (no differentiators). Ideally, we need all 8 locations to share the same corporate phone number as well. Knowing 2/3 NAP need to be unique, we are looking for a good solution.

We have considered using forwarded phone numbers to give each location a different number, but this could be messy on the management end. Our best solution is to differentiate each location name. Google warns against using cross streets or the address in the location name. Has anyone done something like this? Is there a better solution?
I just came across this exact situation today with a local sports rehab center chain. They have multiple locations in the city and a GMB for each.

Each GMB location follows the same format: name of the company plus location ie.

KT Sport Rehab - York Mills
KT Sport Rehab - Adelaide & York
KT Sport Rehab - Yonge & Eglinton

etc etc

This is a very successful chain run by savvy business people, so even though google may say not to use cross streets in the name, this company does it very successfully.
In my experience, having the same N&P won't keep you from getting GMB listings, but Apple Maps seems to want a unique phone number for each location.
Do different addresses and different phone numbers and have them on different GMB accounts. Yes it's a pain to manage them but this way they will not be penalized by google. Plus this way when you do citations then there is no confusion about which one is which, improving your score for local listings. If you use the same number then you might run into problems. We currently run into a situation where we had a similar names and one location per city, different numbers and addresses and google took down all of them. It took several weeks of get them back up again.

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