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Jul 9, 2013
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Hey guys. So I have this dilemma I realized. A while back our suite number changed, but we're still at the same address. I changed our NAP (suite #) with all the major citations sites, but it appears that a year later there are hundreds of other "secondary" directories that are still showing the old suite number.

I'm assuming this screws things up a bit with Google, any idea on how I can align those listings with my current listing? What to do with other sites that require memberships (mapquest/city search) such as Yext?

Thanks a bunch!
The suite number shouldn't really come into play as far as your ranking on Google.

Type your address into and see what format is used on the left sidebar. Then type in the old address and see if the format changes on the left sidebar and if the pin marker moves at all.

If you want I'll do a free scan for you to find your existing listings on the top 120+ sites. Just send me a PM with the info or sign up at the Alpha tester link below with a message.

Also, as far as I know you can still list on Citysearch for free, you just need to email them.
What Broland said in regards with suite number is correct - it plays little to no role in the citation inconsistency "game". However, from usefulness POV, it is definitely recommended that your correct suite number is displayed on as many online platforms as possible.

With many of the "smaller" sites, the only way to clean-up the listings is manually (for one reason or another). It is not necessary that you clean-up all though (and it is also impossible).

Regarding Citysearch and Mapquest:

- Citysearch don't really add new listings currently, but you could edit an already existing listing by sending them an email at: customerservice

- You could add a new listing, or edit an already existing listing on Mapquest by also sending them a request through their support platform:

You can still add a new listing to CitySearch. Email 'em at They're a little slower and less likely to process your listing than they were, say, a year ago. But it still seems to work.

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