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Dec 26, 2012
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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum, a small business owner and excited to learn more about SEO. I recently had my wesbite audit performed by SOLAS web, Miriam Ellis. The audit was very thorough and since then Ive been focused on the recommendations she has provided. However, I havent been able to make much progress...

The first step was that my NAP is different on my website then what was on google+ page. So I then attempted to correct.

Here is what has happened thus far
Google had changed my address on an already verfied listing. First let me start out by saying is that I was/still getting promotional offers for advertising on google postcards that show my correct address. But for some reason they changed it to the county Route number instead on my +places page.

After multiple attempts.I had to 1) report a problem with the listing by reporting error. 2) had to change the listing in my dashboard and verify the address is correct via phone. 3) correct address on map maker to support the correct location.

Not sure which method worked, but I finally got it corrected back to the correct address after attempting all of the above. The listing finally changed after about two weeks. Great!! I thought.

Downside: Now I noticed my places position dropped from letter A to all the way to letter J. I took the steps to get a listing corrected in ways google had asked. Google changed an already pre-verified listing and now my places page is suffering. Why does google change already verified business info? and then penalized the business owner for attempting to correct it? How do I get back to the A position?

if you search for 08080 tree service. We use to come up letter A, always, now on the second page letter J. Stanch's Tree Service.

During this process I realized I had two duplicate listings. I deleted the second listing during the process of trying to correct the address. At first I didn't realize I had two listings since their statistics were identical. I tried changing the address on both. They looked the same in my dashboard. The only difference was the email in which I signed in to dashboard to view them. I'm now thinking that reporting errors to both listings brought attention of the duplicate and in essence I nixed myself? It was not until my address change became in effect that I dropped in places ranking.

Fast forward to today. Google changed the address back again! After I waited two weeks for it to be corrected.

UPSIDE:I am now back up to the top letter A on google places DOWNSIDE: seem to have dropped in organic results. I dont know what to do.. why is google resisting this address change? Do I just accept it and change all of our citations to reflect this?
Hi there,

Thing is Google does not just make things up out of the blue. She is changing address based on format that's been submitted to yellow pages or directories somewhere.

And even if you successfully change it, she's just going to change it back again if she keeps finding the other address out there.

Any time you change address, even minor it can cause a ranking drop.

Highly recommend you don't try to edit in Map Maker, it's extremely complicated and you can end up doing more harm than good.

Since you worked with Miriam on an audit I'd recommend continuing to work with her to have her advise you and help you get things squared away. Doesn't that sound like a good plan?
I am still working with Miriam and this is the assignment she has me working on. I figured id reach out to the forums since I enjoy participating in them.

So since it is a county road and has been for some time I should just stick to 464 County Road 651? Even though we have been in business for over 50 years and every yellow page listing, document, etc we have ever recorded our business to be is 464 Greentree Rd? Ideally Id like to keep it that way, but the force that google be I dont know if thats even possible?
Sorry I can't really say without digging in and doing a ton of research and I'm really sick and out of it today. Can barely think straight. So that's why I suggested following through with Miriam since she's already done all the research.

But maybe one of our map experts will be by and can give you some ideas. Plus I think I saw you post on the Google forum and I think pros there are giving you advice too. Many folks are off for the holidays though so the forum will be pretty dead this week I think.
Hi John,
Sorry I missed this thread you started while on my holiday break, but I think we've reached a good compromise on the Google and Your Business Forum, if you check latest posts from both Linda and myself. We're very glad to have you here in the forum!
Sorry John that I was sick and unable to really help much over the Holidays.

Miriam contacted me about the G forum thread to get my feedback because she wanted to ensure you were getting the best possible advice from every source. So I just added my 2 cents over in that thread where you were already getting lots of great advice from some of the best minds in the business.

As I explained there, your situation with 2 different address variations is just super tricky to deal with.

Thanks Miriam for going the extra mile to help John!

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